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An ongoing series of informational entries about healing practices to help manifest a fulfilling abundant and healthy life filled with wonder, joy and happiness!

The Importance of Your Intention

November 12, 2014

The key to the path of least resistance and finding the flow of life is in being able to tap into that which is authentic and pure. To get real, we are called to pierce what is known in India as the veil of Maya. The veil of Maya consists of the layers of static noise that distract us from the clarity and simplicity of the truth. Maya, is the monkey mind, and the ego chatter, the preoccupation with tangible temporal transitioning aspects of life. The truth is: that which is infinite and unchangeable. Truth is the constant at the heart of the evolving and transitioning aspects of human existence where as delusion is in essence the body of physical reality, the sheath to our spirit (which is forever present.)

To get down to the core of the what is, the true authentic aspect of existence, is the goal of the yogi on the yogic path. To peel the layers of the onion of the ego self or personality ego (see...deconstructing the fortress of fear from last month) and get to the pure matter at hand is the intention of the yogi. The pure matter is the creative force of life. The only way to connect to that which is eternal is to recognize that the power of -that which is and always has been, and know that it exists within you.  This is self realization as taught by many sages and masters.

Without being so bold as to define what this is for you (God), I will rather reference this in an open fashion for you the reader to decide for yourself how your own connection with the Great Mystery feels and what that looks like. It is not my concern that you shall resonate completely with my personal relationship and view of the creator, but rather it is my hope that you will one day come to have a realationship with the higher power of your choosing and feel this powerful spark within your own heart.

For those who may not feel comfortable quite yet with using God, Hashem, Buddah, Source, etc. as the foundation for all of their intentions, I propose another possible option in the interum... 

Set whatever intention you like, but be mindful of having one. Really... look at your motivations and reflect on what energy is driving your behavior, activities, goals and desires. This is the key to understanding a multitude of truths, or rather knowing one at least in particular. Which is...Where you place your focus is where you go,  intention is the loci for your forward movement.  If you want to knock the ball out of the park you have to keep your eye on the ball and have an intention for where you want to drive it.

Some have used this mantra (so you think so you are) in interesting ways. There are numerous seminars and trainings that teach this "secret"- how to manifest riches and large fortunes through channeling thought and intention. There are many strategies: vision boards, journaling, meditation- all with the methodology of using visualization and affirmation to obtain the thing one covets or wants.  Each claiming that by acting as though the desired result is already manifest....And this is a great method.  The strategy works.  It is dyana (one centered focus) as taught in the 8 limbed path of Patanjali.  But again, going deeper we need to look at the intention. Is it only to have a nice big house and a lovely car? Or is there something deeper?

If this "the phyical result", is the sole aspect and depth of your intention, you can be sure to expect and receive a temporal and fading outcome.  An outcome that will leave perpetually needing another fix, something bigger, better...something else to fill the hole.  Stuck in illusion, not at all in the present moment but in "the grass is greener mentality", ever hungry and constantly seeking and unfullfilled, because what is missing... is the deeper truth behind it all- the real intention.

Deepen your intention and you will find yourself in a different place. To do so one must reflect and ask, "What is deeper than the desire for the big house?".  Look at why you want this? There is something deeper, perhaps still unarticulated, that you truly desire. Is it happiness? Then if it is happiness, then what makes this thing called happiness in your heart? 

Here is the fun part...

Start right now!  Write a list of times you felt truly happy. Guess what? I am fairly certain that if you are even remotely concerned with your spiritual development you will notice that your list contains a majority if not an entirety of things that have nothing to do with the big house, perfect partner or any other physical exterior thing or aspect at all. 

This is the delusion, this is where all that glitters isn't gold folks. Hello...we are buying into the pipe dream but not seeing the truth. Believing the infomercial of this world and not tapping into the real deal. The "world" is a great sales person, you give your money and sign on the dotted line all on emotion and the lure of the senses. It is so funny and we all do this, we all say the old clichés and retell the fables and relate and believe things cant buy you love, or the path to hell is paved with good intentions and yet...there we go on a daily basis frolicking behind the pied piper.

Set your intention for your life. 

Ask yourself what you want?  Write it down.  Look at why and see if there is something deeper beneath it all.  Now try to boil it all down to a few key words and one primary intention.  By doing this you will have a different idea of your direction or perhaps a stronger resolve for pursuing it. Set the intention and enjoy the journey too. 


Earthing Cure to the Common Mind

There is something truly healing and therapeutic about going outside into the expanse of nature and grounding the jagged and frenzied city vibrations back into their holistic roots in the outdoors. Grounding or earthing as it is often called is a powerful medicine for the runaway mind syndrome so often developed in this fast paced planet. To decompress from the high energy levels and telecommunication frequencies that are so damaging to the ability to focus and think clearly, one must return to the primal and basic connection to the soil and the sea, the mountains and the fresh air. No matter which delightful verdant pasture you select for your earthing experience you are sure to soon find a gentle reprieve from the madness in your mind.

The mind so often cluttered with future focus or past nostalgia rarely present and still in the awareness of the now so often urged by Eckart Tole and other great philosophers and ancients such as the Taoists and Rishis. Yes, to center and connect, to plug into the real biorhythms of nature herself, this is a truly magical and magnificent experience, the perfect panacea for the ills of our materialistic, future focused, need focused society. The true need and the one so often ignored is fresh air and sunshine. This dose of holistic medicine is free and readily available to all. Even those immersed in the depths of a dismal city may find if they seek hard enough an open space or sunny corner whereby one can sit and take in the truth of life in a few moments of still reflection and awareness.

So why do we become so emmeshed in the fabricated delusion of this society?  Glued to the internet, the cellular phones, cyber space, we are actors in the synthetic sitcom of psuedo life which gives us a false sense of meaning ultimately culminating into a vibrational hangover from our indulgences in fantasy and the surreal we believe to be real. Yes, just as the telephone poles need grounding and electrical poles need a strong connection to the earth, we too as human beings would become very dangerous to not only ourselves but also to others as we burn out ...without a grounding influence on our lives.

The importance of nature and our relationship to it cannot be understated nor ignored. For this reason I will leave you now to go outside on this the first day of spring and play in the vibrant and luxurious opulence of Gods creation.  Re-connect, ground your energy, feel and get real.  Remember who you really are!


Personal Boundaries and the Spiritual Path

January 15, 2020

In an attempt to please others we sometimes make the fatal mistake of not owning our own personal power and staying true to our self and our path. As women this is a common situation as we take the archetype of martyr and submit our own feelings in the misguided effort of trying to make other people comfortable often times before our own needs. The self sacrificing tendency is very harmful to our well being and while on the outside or even sometimes on the inside this appears to be the right thing to do, it is often very detrimental not only to our own selves and self esteem and value but also to the other party as we cosign a negative behavior in another person and take away their own power to do the right thing for themselves. It essence this is a self defeating behavior, one that results in both parties lacking respect for themselves.

When on a plane we hear the prompts for safety in case of a disaster. To most, this is a boring lecture that is always the same...but how many times have you considered the fact that the parent is instructed to place the mask on themselves first before they assist the child or any other individual. Likewise in my recent training on Psychological first aid the same concept of taking care of ones basic needs and health first are a prerequisite for the first responder. There is a reason for this, the same reason we are told that to find true love we must come as a complete individual rather than as a broken person looking for another to fill the void. There is a basic law of the universe inbedded in this entire strategy, and it is not a selfish motive but rather facilitates us to be at our greatest potential to be of service and aid to others. A mentally distressed individual cannot add a sense of calm and security to those around them, it takes a person who is grounded and centered to do so. You cannot give away what you do not have. So the goal is to have it.

Now, how does this tie into personal boundaries and your path? As a woman or man, employee or boss etc. we need to have a code by which we live. The spiritual path while different when taken from each culture or religious sect etc., regardless of subtle differences, have this concept in place. There are certain things that we should not allow in our lives, things that may be different from person to person but are important none the less. The challenge comes when we are seduced by peoples agendas and we in hopes of maintaining the status quo end up relegating our own personal status quo to some nether region of our selves ....into some dark closet within our hearts while we negotiate what we really know to be right. The classic example of which, and also motivation for this blog when women are coerced or prodded to give up our sexuality even if it does not feel right. Granted it may feel right on one level but somewhere deep down inside we know that it is something special and very important, something best not cast before swine. Regardless of this many teenage girls and even women in the dating world today feel that this is something they must do, or something that after no becomes a tiresome word to the disrespectful suitor who interprets it as a yes we ourselves begin to feel bad about having to stand up for ourselves. The end result is never a good thing. For either party, though the pain is most felt on behalf of the woman who has given into this played out archetype of subservience and people pleasing.

Part of our path is owning our power. This does not have to be aggressive in a 80s type feminist warrior archetype way, but rather can come from a divine place of calmness and also of strength. We have a right to our bodies, to our boundaries and to our beliefs in what is permissible and what is not. This is a great test on the spiritual path. Knowing right from wrong by tapping into our true self, not regurgitating propaganda or rhetoric but by really getting in touch with ourselves and saying no this is not what serves me, and saying I am not going to participate in this. This is not just a lesson for women but also for men. Just think of Germany in WW11, how many people were on board with some majorly wicked and awful acts. The status quo, wanting to please others...this is deeply ingrained in our global culture, in humanity itself. Slavery was once legal but was it right. No. Some people did not feel it was but said nothing and went along with it, others who were much further behind on the spiritual path did not think twice and took it as right because it was supposedly right according to others and then there were those who just didn´t care if it was right or wrong but did it because it served their ego and need for power. So you see, this issue is very powerful and important as we grow along spiritual lines.

The hard part for many of us, and certainly for you if you are reading this is that we feel it is wrong and still find ourselves subjected to bullying from those who are in the phases of their development where they are still seeking to satiate the weaker lusts and temptations of the flesh. So for many of us our challenge is to learn how to be assertive about what is not OK and what we do want and not be aggressive about it but rather come from a place of divine power where our no means no. If not we walk away. There is an art to doing this, a confidence and trust in self that is very advanced. I struggle with this myself in many ways, especially now in the dating world where I have confronted a number of very compelling arguments to why I should give away my power.

This week try to work on your NFW list (as described in the previous blog...No F´n way list) and really redefine what it is you want out of life. How you want to be treated by others and how you intend to treat those who just do not take no for an answer. There are some really good salesmen out there networking hard for their personal agendas but by staying true to yourself and tapping into your inner self and voice and choosing to trust that answer above the sales pitch no matter how compelling, you may have a chance. It takes work and practice, do not berate yourself is you fail a few times but this is a really powerful part of your spiritual ascension. In essence learning to heed the inner voice and honor yourself in a healthy way is one of our greatest challenges in the I want now world we live in. Good things take time and work, and this lesson is no stranger to this rule.

Good luck friends. I will be with you in the spirit valiantly trying to stay fixed and true to the path and not be lead astray by naysayers or critics. And remember we can own our power from a place of love and love does not mean being a proverbial doormat. Namaste.