An Attitude of Gratitude and Finding Your Dharma

Posted on 12 November, 2014 at 15:00

An Attitude of Gratitude and the Key to Finding Your Dharma


For those in the yoga world familiar with the concept of your Dharma, You may be still fervently searching for the answer to what your dharma is. For those unfamiliar with this term I will go into a brief description of what this means.

In the yogic teachings the word Dharma is essentially ones duty or place in the grand scheme of things. Each thing has its own dharma or way of fitting into the great order of life or existence as a whole. Many have taken the eastern view on this concept and westernized it by combining this to the Western notion of one’s purpose in this life. This along with the idea that the creator (I like to keep this loose and allow for any variable for your particular culture to fit in here as x would in an algebraic equation) has chosen for each individual a particular purpose that is suited to the natural or innate gifts or talents that you have received in this lifetime. Combining this to the modern yogic lifestyle it moves to imply that each person has been due to Karma (again you can keep this big picture and look at this conceptually without being attached to the word or being made anxious by it if you are of a different religion) or fate etc. been given in this lifetime (whether it is the only one or many i.e. karma) certain skills that are natural to a person, personality such as great with people or great with numbers etc, and likewise certain handicaps or areas in which the person is not naturally endowed or strong in. Ok, so you may feel a bit lost here and wonder what does this have to do with this Dharma thing.

Well, I will tell you. Today I was speaking to a good friend who has been pursuing this topic around the world, and has spent a considerable amount of his fortune and time trying to find. This is not at all uncommon for some and then again you may know a friend or relative who may not know anything about the concept of Dharma but has since a young age known their mission in this life and have since that time been on the fast track to doing just that. Many doctors attest to this type of knowing. They wanted to help people and be a doctor, never deviated and never regretted it. So why is this so hard for many of us in this lifetime and so easy for others? What is the answer and how can one who has no idea find the formula that worked for those who have it so well figured out. Now, let me tell you that I myself find that I have made many deviations on my personal path and journey but at the core of it all I know I always had a knack for writing and philosophy and loved demonstrating things in front of people. Now....did I think I would be a yoga teacher and be writing this to you now....No...But here I am.

I think the first step in discovering your personal dharma is getting really real with yourself. To do this the best way is through gratitude. Look around in your life, look at yourself and get out your gratitude list. What are you grateful for? Get the pen and paper out or say it out loud and really see this. This is the best positive grounding technique to shut off the negative block and shoo away the dark cloud above your head that is blocking out the clarifying light from above. So, get real and get grateful. Most of our complaints are based on lack of true vision and gratitude is a great way to defog the mask and see what colorful fish and lovely things surround you.

When you get grateful you get clear. Now see what you are grateful for in your own life, and in your own self. What are you good at? When this comes from an attitude of gratitude you can be sure your ego that is not your amigo is out of the way and you can really assess your assets. This is the key to everything. Your natural abilities and strengths are a great place to start. And here is the real kicker.

After assessing your strengths, find gratitude in your weaknesses. You see, your weaknesses are what help you grow stronger and learn new ways of living. Without them you would probably never be challenged to get out of your comfort zone and grow. In fact if it weren’t for my weaknesses I wouldn’t have anything to write about. loll. So folks that is the tid bit for the day. Meditate on this and I bet you get a lot closer to finding your own Dharma.


So grateful for you. Thanks for reading. xoxo

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