Letting Go the Secret to Happiness

Posted on 12 November, 2014 at 14:45

As part of my path to joy and peace, I have learned that the power of letting go and non attachment are key. In essence and theory it is an easy thing to do but it does take a bit of practice. Yes folks ...I am still human and I too am a work in progress. I still work on this. I work on it with the same dedication as I do my yoga Asana practice, meditation and breathing. It is a lifestyle choice and it does take effort.


The natural tendency of a person in our society today is to clutch the things we love, and protect them. Ironically our protection and clutching are often the first thing that puts the very treasure we seek to possess in danger. Lao Tsu said this in his work when he said that once a man puts value on something that is when the thief comes to seek to take it. We rob ourselves of the free gifts of love, joy and peace by forcing them to be our slaves. In our fear of loss we already begin to loose.


So I have devised a meditation just to help with this problem of letting go. Imagine a beautiful bird. Imagine this bird free and happy soaring through the air. Then see this bird in a cage. The bird in the cage is sad, and while you have it to look at every day and can admire its magnificent colors up close...the bird slowly begins to fade. Lost is the free and beautiful bird that was gracing the air with its lovely color. Feel this...and realize that you must open the cage and allow this bird to fly. Let her fly and see the magic as it dances in the air. Feel the joy of being able to do this. Embrace the feeling of this energy.


Now think of the person or thing that you are holding on to. Imagine them in this cage and then release them and allow them to fly free.


That which is meant to be will be. We must not be the captors in this life but the liberators. Liberate yourself by liberating your need to control and have, to posses and dominate. Let that which you love be what you love. Free in its true power, beauty and pure essence.


You might be surprised that it comes back to you, and does so in a fantastic and wondrous way.

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