Issues of Time - Hidden Mysteries of the Grandmothers

Posted on 22 August, 2017 at 15:30
Aging and changing, the cycles of life keep moving onward in their endless progression. As a teacher of chair yoga, I see how bodies age with time. There is a trend in our society to create the illusion of agelessness, to hide or shun the natural process of aging. There seems to be a greater fear of aging than there is of death. As a woman I feel the pull of the collective in terms of appearances, competitiveness and fitness in general. Ironically, more so in my field as there is a bit of a pull beneath the surface to need to stay young and healthy. At times, there is a covert bashing, if you will in terms of illness or improper aging, where one is to blame for such occurrences. In many ways there are means to better support the body and care for the vehicle that houses our souls, but sometimes illnesses come to even those who have done the right things (diet and exercise and good will towards all other life forms), and in terms of aging despite all our best efforts it will show in time. The psychology behind anti-aging or youth liberation as it is now called, seems cloaked and hides the undertone that tends to denounce a fundamental inalienable truth; the nature of existence and life in the physical realm itself which is temporal. Fear of change, when all is ever changing on the outside anyways, the real truth of this earth plane is an endless cycle of change in response to time. The laws of cause and effect themselves are submissive to the fact that time wears on. The constant factor; time, is inescapable and yet we strive so hard to fool and outwit it. All is vanity in terms of this grand form of denial as the wise king Solomon was able to show in Ecclesiastes.

Beneath the surface, beneath the physiological realm, on an energetic and even psychological level what is at play here….? What does this mean when we see the collective ever eager to cheat death and age? The boom of the pharmaceutical age, whose bi-products ensure a quicker end to the life of the earth with the wastes and toxins they leave behind to ravage the lands …all so that we can cheat death, stave it off a little longer. A battle against the forces of existence, a truly existential crisis (though most existentialist cannot see beyond the dominion of man his glorious self centered existence and most certainly ignore the horrors we force upon the other kingdoms of this earth both animal and plant to name a few).

We seek to be god, we seek to cheat death; and all the while do not see the vanity in this. For those in the new age world it is convenient to accept ancient vedic ideas of being god, especially since we as a culture have ever been trying to do so in a vitiated way through our self obsession with selfies and individualism.  It is the social heliocentric theory;  we are the shining lights of our universe as we go about in self aggrandizement, eating well and hoping to save humanity all like little gods with our narcissistic herculean hopes ignorant of the bigger picture. We say use this cream or use this ointment, even the most green conscious of us all have a twinge of this inherited karmic collective curse of trying to be divine, and live strong forever. So too is the story of the most beautiful angel in heaven Lucifer the light that tried to outshine god himself. Amongst most religious or mythological tales there is the blight of mankind…mans secret curse induced by our own need, man like the coyote who is a bit too clever for his own good always striving for a bit more of that! That whatever that may be…for now it seems we as a whole want youth, health and life for as long as possible come what may as a consequence.

So we have factories pumping out plastics to cheat the shelf life of the products that are to keep us going just a bit longer and stronger than before. Huge powers that manufacture these goods, keeping dark secrets about the real truth; hiding the secret balance of ying and yang, for each life extended something else dies. Our anti-aging creams, our blood pills, our electric homes, our super modified crops and foods. Always wanting more….flavors, time, comfort, luxury; the market selling to the mindset that has been cultivated well, driven deeper by the original impulse for more.

We as a people must wake up while we are here to see the true consequences of our actions rather then pay them forward to the future children we may or may not leave behind. What do we leave behind for them?  It is not what we have while we are here that what matters in truth, and yet that is the way we are living.  Borrowing from the future to give ourselves the luxuries now, just a few more years or a little younger face.  This is the secret truth that is not remembered but for a few on Saturday or Sunday, and even when we strive to believe we hold this truth daily ….check and see if it is truly self evident -see where you are holding your vanity. Look to the secret shown in your own eyes as you gaze in a mirror.

We change, and we have a little power to guide the way we see this change, how we work with it, what we are doing in terms of it and how it really adds to the collective essence we leave behind; only then do we begin to take a sobering look at the truth and see our part in what is our temporal existance.

Always scrapping the surface, a bit of nip and tuck and little shot of this or that, a hint of freshness...forgetting we are all but fruit on the tree of life, with a cycle that involves change and culminates in death. So why then are we living as though we are only here to buy and sell eternity? This may be the biggest product we collectively sell as a people and the biggest illusion of them all. There is now, there is this and there is what we are doing with the time we have been given.

Eat organic local food, consume less fabricated illusions, leave behind less death for the next generation and care for the earth! Place these things above your own comforts, think beyond our species but of the ancestors of all living things to come. This is why the grandmothers used to be sacred and now are hidden, it is the great hiding of truth!  We hide the aged, the sick.  We drink the milk and eat the flesh but dare not see the factories that make them.  We love to look in the mirror but only see a shallow reflection of what keeps us here to see it.  Look deeper.  

The polarization of terms and ideas has been quite apparent to me in this current social construct. The pros the cons, the right the wrong the good the bad; are entrapments to greater realization. The realization that for each thing there is a price and when we stop looking only at our own preservation and look beyond to the bigger picture only then can we truly respect the truth that is time and life while we are here! 

Importance of Your Intention

Posted on 12 November, 2014 at 21:10

The Importance of Your Intention

Amanda Luisa Rodriguez Nagy


The key to the path of least resistance and finding the flow of life is in being able to tap into that which is authentic and pure. To get real, we are called to pierce what is known in India as the veil of Maya. The veil of Maya consists of the layers of static noise that distract us from the clarity and simplicity of the truth. Maya, is the monkey mind, and the ego chatter, the preoccupation with tangible temporal transitioning aspects of life. The truth is: that which is infinite and unchangeable. Truth is the constant at the heart of the evolving and transitioning aspects of human existence where as dillusion is in essence the body of physical reality, the sheath to our spirit (which is forever present.)


To get down to the core of the what is, the true authentic aspect of existence, is the goal of the yogi on the yogic path. To peel the layers of the onion of the ego self or personality ego (see...deconstructing the fortress of fear from last month) and get to the pure matter is the intention of the yogi. The pure matter is the creative force of life. The only way to connect to that which is eternal is to recognize that the power of the that which is and always has been, is within you.


Without being so bold as to define what this is for you, I will rather reference this in an open fashion for you the reader to decide for yourself how your own connection with the Great Mystery feels and what that looks like. It is not my concern that you shall resonate completely with my personal relationship with my view of the creator, however it is my hope that you will one day come to know that there is a powerful spark of that which created all of this around you within your own heart.


For those who may not feel comfortable quite yet with this as the center for all their intentions, I pose another possible option. Set whatever intention you like, but be mindful of having one. Really look at your motivations and what energy is driving your behavior and activities. This is the key to understanding a multitude of many great things, or rather knowing one great thing. Where you place your focus is where you go. Some have used this in interesting ways. Numerous seminars and trainings exist to manifest riches and large fortunes. It often involves vision boards and visualizing the goal and desire and thinking that it already belongs to you.....And this is a great method. This is meditation in many ways. But again, going deeper we need to look at the intention. Is it only to have a nice big house and a lovely car?


If this is the sole aspect and the depth of your intention you can be sure to expect and receive a temporal and fading outcome. An outcome that will leave you not only living in the future not at all in the present moment in the grass is greener mentality of non existence and illusion, every hungry and seeking and never being filled or finding that what can never truly fulfill. Is this not self defeating? Does this really fullfill what you were hoping for?


Deepen your intention and you will find yourself in a different place. What is deeper than the desire for the big house? Look at why you want this? There is something deeper perhaps still unarticulated that you desire. Is it happiness? Then if it is happiness, then what makes this thing called happiness in your heart? Here is the fun part...write a list of times you felt truly happy. Guess what. I am fairly certain that if you are even remotely concerned with your spiritual development you will notice that your list contains a majority if not an entirety of things that have nothing to do with the big house or any other monetary aspect at all. Mabey it is the beautiful wife or husband that you seek. Again break down the motivations to its core truth and you will realize you have been missing a major point and your vision clouded by the veil of Maya.


This is the dillusion, this is where all that glitters isnt gold folks. Hello.....we are buying into the pipe dream. Believing the infomercial of this world and not tapping into the real deal. The world is a great sales person, you give your money and sign on the dotted line all on emotion and the lure of the senses. It is so funny and we all do this, we all say the old cliches and retell the fables and relate and believe things cant buy you love, or the path to hell is paved with good intentions and yet...there we go on a daily basis frolicking behind the pied piper.


Set your intention for your life. I was doing a reading for an old friend a truly special wonderful soul today and yet he has been caught in a bit of a identity crunch lately. We all are? And it is great. I saw in his cards the King of Pentacles that represents a man of wealth and riches, the King of Wands that is a honest, hardworking man of the earth and the knight of cups a true romantic and emotional intuitive youthful soul. They fell in one in the past (knight) and two in the present. One was the man he felt he needed to be according to this world and the dillusion of Maya ( a role he had been chasing with great passion) and the other was the authentic aspect of himself that he had been ignoring and had not remembered value in and the other was the young man who was neither of the two. The answer for him was to go back to the drawing board and get real about his authentic self. Somewhere in the midst of all the expectations, hopes, experience and his nature was the evolving aspect of who he was now and could be. However the mask to his true self was cloaked in heavy layers of this persona of the man of riches the world had sold him on the idea of needing to be.


I dont write this to criticize him, for his is a wonderful man. I use this as an example because we all have this same predicament. The key to finding your authentic self I believe is about getting real about intention. Looking at the big picture and then digging deep.



Get out a Piece of Paper

1. So look at the young girl or boy you were without getting stuck there write key words

2. write down the person you hope to be

3.look at who you really are (just the positive).



Next Section

1.Ok. then look at the dreams you had when young and what you believed in. Write them

2. Look at the person you think you should be or would like to become again. Write it down. Pause .....let it sink in.

What is all of this about? Why do you want to become this? What is the intent and what does it mean for you to be and have these things?


Find that answer and now go back to who you were as a youth and your beliefs and the positive about who you are now. Here is where it gets good.


Contemplate this for a while.


Now try to boil it all down to a few key words and one primary intention.


------------------------ The answer you must find for yourself at the end of all this. But I truly believe that by doing this you will have a different idea of your direction or perhaps a stronger resolve for pursuing it. Set the intention and enjoy the journey too.



Earthing Cure for the Common Mind

Posted on 12 November, 2014 at 15:15

Outdoor Activities

Cure for the Common Head


There is something truly healing and theraputic about going outside into the expanse of nature and grounding the jagged and frenzied city vibrations back into their holistic roots in the outdoors. Grounding or earthing as it is often called is a powerful medicine for the runaway mind syndrome so often developed in this fast paced planet. To decompress from the high energy levels and telecommunications frequencies that are so damaging to the ability to focus and think clearly one must return to the primal and basic connection to the soil and the sea, the mountains and the fresh air. No matter which delightful verdent pasture you select for your earthing experience you are sure to soon find a gentle repreave from the madness in your mind.


The mind so often cluttered with future focus or past nastalgia rarely present and still in the awareness of the now so often urged by Ekart Tole and other great philosophers and ancients such as the Taoists and Rishis. Yes, to center and connect to plug into the real biorhythems of nature herself. This is a truely magical and magnificent experience and a perfect panacea for the ills of our materialistic future focused need focused society. The true need and the one so often ignored is fresh air and sunshine. This dose of holistic medicine is free and readily available to all. Even those immeshed in the depths of a dismal city may find if they seek hard enough an open space or sunny corner whereby one can sit and take in the truth of life in a few moments of still reflection and awareness.


So why do we become so immersed in the fabricated dillusion of this society the internet and the cellular phones and the cyber space and synthetic sitcoms which give us a false sense of meaning and a vibrational hangover from our indulgences.. Yes just as the telephone poles need grounding and electrical poles need a strong connection to the earth we too as human beings would become very dangerous to not only ourselves due to burnout but also to others without a grounding influence on our lives.


The importance of nature and our relationship to it cannot be understated nor ignored. For this reason I will leave you now to go outside on this the first day of spring and play in the vibrant and luxurious opulance of Gods creation.



Quieting the Mind- Diving into Inner Peace

Posted on 12 November, 2014 at 15:10

Quieting the Judgntal Mind-Diving into Peace Within



It has come to my attention as of late that a great deal of my lack of serenity and peace throughout my day is caused by the nagging qualities of the judging mind that seems to always have a comment or opinion. This constantly seeking and never settled mental energy seems to switch from a relentless categorization of details and a plethora of assumptions regarding the matter at hand, to a cacophony of petty dialogues about others to then a series of critiques and suppositions about the accuracy and methodology of my own actions and doings. Between the outer world and the lack of true depth in my own "apparent" inner world, it seems the mind is a buzz with chatter and vacillations, constantly in a state of frenzied distress and only lucky to enough sometime to stumble upon a few brief moments of peace. The real goal for me is to find a way to turn the tide, to change the flow, to still the circus of distractions and abuses. The judging mind ever finding fault or even falling into agreement but never in still acceptance is a tiring place of chaos. In the Bhagavad Gita and the east they speak of loosing desire for likes and dislikes, freedom from the contrasts of Maya and the illusion of the opposites that appear to create the structure of this outer world which seems so real. This veil of darkness and light is but a contorted picture.


The entrapment of likes and dislikes is the foreground for the judgmental mind. the mind trained to make assertions based on evidence. This evidence is but a construct of our conditioned reality and our vision when founded on the sense data processed through the judgmental mind is the handiwork of the ego. In a sense event the writing I am doing now, walks a fine line here meshed within the same categorizing, over thinking mind drowning in rationalizations and theory. So how to slow the runaway train of the shallow thinking mind is quite the trick when much of our existence is solely found here in this web of mental pathways leading to more mental pathways driving the self further from source and spirit. In the quest for truth the mind is lead further from it by this process.


So the process must shift in order to find stillness and peace. The rapidly speaking frenzied voice of judgement must be replaced with the loving still and simple voice of true reason, that which is the highest reason. It is the reason that questions little and does not seek to know. It is the mind that is present in the moment of bliss. Samadi the 8th limb on the fantastic path of Patanjali does not include a series of mental diatribes and verbose rhetoric. No, samadi is the state of bliss where all is perfect in its own perfection. Nothing needing to be analysed or improved, it is the state of total submission to what is. What is just is. The tree in the garden is a tree. It needs not be defined as this tree or that tree to be the tree that stands before you, so too then is the state of the pure un-defiled mind the pure Budhi mind that exists at its higher vibrational form. It is an energetic awareness one that is powerful in the nature of its unity to the present state of being. So this is the path of enlightenment. Despite all the Janja Yoga and the quest for learning and knowledge, the truest form of understanding arrives at the point of submission to the state of non questioning, non seeking and just being.


How to turn off the switch of the judgmental personality is like a meditation. Anyone who has seriously tried to undertake meditation knows that it is a practice that does not instantly avail itself, despite the good intention of submitting to the moment and being present. It may take years to learn to have 3 minutes of true meditative silence and peace. Often it begins with a great deal of pseudo peaceful mental guiding and this unfortunately is still the judging ego mind. It takes a bit of time to really make the shift and learn how to dive deep beyond the senseless mind chatter to the deep quiet stillness that lies deep within. Some use a form of sitting behind the mind and being the watcher, though this is a challenge as it can create a fragmentation in the connection to the higher self and may be more of a dissassociative mechanism than it is a way to finding genuine stillness. I personally try to dive deep within the self to a place of quiet, to find myself the real person the one beyond a lifetime of defense mechanisms and escapism that had been pushed deep inside and left quiet guarded behind the vaulted doors of a hardened heart. This however is another topic and discussion one of which will be discussed in a later article and at anther time. The still place of peace lies within, at the place of true presence. To reach this place of centering with the self at its true level beyond the masks, barricades and facade one must have the courage and endurance built up within to make the voyage inward. The way to dive deep to the quiet inner cave of stillness, the tabernacle of quietude and connection to the I Am that I Am is to swim and go beneath the storming soundtrack of the ego judging mind and seek the refuge in the sanctuary of the heart.


The breath is a great start, use it as the springboard for the dive to inner depth and ever new joy and bliss. The deep exhale is the grounding mechanism I use just as if I were literally diving down deep beneath the waters of the Sea of Cortez. In some ways having had a personal connection to the sea in my real physical life has been a great aid in the integration of this method. For those reading who do not have this connection to the sea you may try this also in a bathtub and by doing so you will soon discover what this method is, and how to integrate it into your regular daily affairs and activities. It is in essence a way of checking into the zone of real consciousness. A break, a breath, a reprieve from this maddening torture that we submit upon our own selves. Our own monkey mind is our own personal pet, psychological terror mechanism, to stimulate a jarring and disturbing walking on eggshell existence in our own space. So to dive beneath the noise and the daily personal commentator who is our constant spectator and judge is not just a happy much needed break but also the means by which you can allow for this side of your mind to eventually fade away. It is a momentary check in with self point where you can actually come to the place of the real game changer where you return up for air into the world of mankind and have some leverage and can reset your gauge and focus and walk in a state of true presence.


This is the way to flip the script, or the switch of the mind and jump into another reality the real reality where you are at peace and present and not going 500 miles a second in your head or in nowhere land as a friend likes to call it. No,... check in and return to reality. have arrived at being really there with you. From this point you can begin with standard operating procedure for real enlightened living and make more clear and conscious decisions rather than being trapped in living in your biases and prejudices about what is right, wrong and acceptable. This is where you return to a real existence not dictated subconsciously to you through your life of conditioning. This is why small children are at another level of consciousness and see life in such a magical and different way. As we grow and develop and sharpen our knowledge about our contrasts, likes and dislikes etc we dull our real perspective and awareness and begin to default our view into a caged and contrived projection of what we think reality really is or worse go into the place of total judgment because everything around us isn't how it is supposed to be. The consequences of which are dire indeed, as many of us know first hand from the wreckage we have perhaps made in our relationships with others at times because we believe them to not be living as we believe they are supposed to be. The greatest delusion of our separation from each other, our attachment to what we believe people should be like and how the people we love are supposed to love and treat us. This is a great handicap in the pursuit of peace and joy, one thankfully that we can overcome with patience, the breath and the ability to shift our mindset with centering and stillness techniques such as the one I have described above. A moment of silence and stillness is all you need to learn to cultivate to turn the tides and move from the place of judgment to the place of acceptance. Namaste friends, good luck in your practice of peace and presence in reality. This is true serenity.


As one of my favorite sayings goes-

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.


You can change your own inner dynamic with meditation and the breath that is the difference and patience will help you there. Be kind to yourself and others. xoxox


Personal Boundaries and The Spiritual Path

Posted on 12 November, 2014 at 14:55

Personal Boundaries and Your Path

In an attempt to please others we sometimes make the fatal mistake of not owning our own personal power and staying true to our self and our path. As women this is a common situation as we take the archetype of martyr and submit our own feelings in the misguided effort of trying to make other people comfortable often times before our own needs. The self sacrificing tendency is very harmful to our well being and while on the outside or even sometimes on the inside this appears to be the right thing to do, it is often very detrimental not only to our own selves and self esteem and value but also to the other party as we cosign a negative behavior in another person and take away their own power to do the right thing for themselves. It essence this is a self defeating behavior, one that results in both parties lacking respect for themselves.


When on a plane we hear the prompts for safety in case of a disaster. To most, this is a boring lecture that is always the same...but how many times have you considered the fact that the parent is instructed to place the mask on themselves first before they assist the child or any other individual. Likewise in my recent training on Psychological first aid the same concept of taking care of ones basic needs and health first are a prerequisite for the first responder. There is a reason for this, the same reason we are told that to find true love we must come as a complete individual rather than as a broken person looking for another to fill the void. There is a basic law of the universe inbedded in this entire strategy, and it is not a selfish motive but rather facilitates us to be at our greatest potential to be of service and aid to others. A mentally distressed individual cannot add a sense of calm and security to those around them, it takes a person who is grounded and centered to do so. You cannot give away what you do not have. So the goal is to have it.


Now, how does this tie into personal boundaries and your path? As a woman or man, employee or boss etc. we need to have a code by which we live. The spiritual path while different when taken from each culture or religious sect etc., regardless of subtle differences, have this concept in place. There are certain things that we should not allow in our lives, things that may be different from person to person but are important none the less. The challenge comes when we are seduced by peoples agendas and we in hopes of maintaining the status quo end up relegating our own personal status quo to some nether region of our selves ....into some dark closet within our hearts while we negotiate what we really know to be right. The classic example of which, and also motivation for this blog when women are coerced or prodded to give up our sexuality even if it does not feel right. Granted it may feel right on one level but somewhere deep down inside we know that it is something special and very important, something best not cast before swine. Regardless of this many teenage girls and even women in the dating world today feel that this is something they must do, or something that after no becomes a tiresome word to the disrespectful suitor who interprets it as a yes we ourselves begin to feel bad about having to stand up for ourselves. The end result is never a good thing. For either party, though the pain is most felt on behalf of the woman who has given into this played out archetype of subservience and people pleasing.


Part of our path is owning our power. This does not have to be aggressive in a 80s type feminist warrior archetype way, but rather can come from a divine place of calmness and also of strength. We have a right to our bodies, to our boundaries and to our beliefs in what is permissible and what is not. This is a great test on the spiritual path. Knowing right from wrong by tapping into our true self, not regurgitating propaganda or rhetoric but by really getting in touch with ourselves and saying no this is not what serves me, and saying I am not going to participate in this. This is not just a lesson for women but also for men. Just think of Germany in WW11, how many people were on board with some majorly wicked and awful acts. The status quo, wanting to please others...this is deeply ingrained in our global culture, in humanity itself. Slavery was once legal but was it right. No. Some people did not feel it was but said nothing and went along with it, others who were much further behind on the spiritual path did not think twice and took it as right because it was supposedly right according to others and then there were those who just didn´t care if it was right or wrong but did it because it served their ego and need for power. So you see, this issue is very powerful and important as we grow along spiritual lines.


The hard part for many of us, and certainly for you if you are reading this is that we feel it is wrong and still find ourselves subjected to bullying from those who are in the phases of their development where they are still seeking to satiate the weaker lusts and temptations of the flesh. So for many of us our challenge is to learn how to be assertive about what is not OK and what we do want and not be aggressive about it but rather come from a place of divine power where our no means no. If not we walk away. There is an art to doing this, a confidence and trust in self that is very advanced. I struggle with this myself in many ways, especially now in the dating world where I have confronted a number of very compelling arguments to why I should give away my power.


This week try to work on your NFW list (as described in the previous blog...No F´n way list) and really redefine what it is you want out of life. How you want to be treated by others and how you intend to treat those who just do not take no for an answer. There are some really good salesmen out there networking hard for their personal agendas but by staying true to yourself and tapping into your inner self and voice and choosing to trust that answer above the sales pitch no matter how compelling, you may have a chance. It takes work and practice, do not berate yourself is you fail a few times but this is a really powerful part of your spiritual ascension. In essence learning to heed the inner voice and honor yourself in a healthy way is one of our greatest challenges in the I want now world we live in. Good things take time and work, and this lesson is no stranger to this rule.


Good luck friends. I will be with you in the spirit valiantly trying to stay fixed and true to the path and not be lead astray by naysayers or critics. And remember we can own our power from a place of love and love does not mean being a proverbial doormat. Namaste.


Tif´Eret and Healing with Jewish Mysticism

Posted on 12 November, 2014 at 14:55

Inspired again by my dear friend and beloved soul, I have taken to the study of the Kabbalah to understand the great and wondrous teachings of the Talmud and Jewish Wisdom. An interesting voyage into a new relationship with the holiest of holies. Prompted by the gap between our customs, my perspective being one of a Catholic born Christian and his being those of a fundamentalist and a Jew, I have at great lengths been moved to understand in more depth the complex nature of my friend.

In my attempt to balance the obvious differences between his earthy and watery nature (Hessed) with my overabundance of fire (Guvurah) and exuberance I found the Kabbalah which has been invaluable in the reconciliation of these opposite sides. In fact, the very nature of the Kabbalah is a complex and anciently configured system of universal balance and inner balance which has proved in this very short period of study to be a treasure of invaluable information. One such exercise is the Tif'Eret excercize.

"Upon entering the room walk to the right wall and feel the giving flow- Hessed. Allow yourself some time to experience this free flow again. Then walk to the left wall and feel yourself withdraw into your emotional cocoon.

As you walk to the middle of the room feel that balance of the fire and water elements, mending together the internal magnetic force and the external dynamic force blending them within.

bring to mind someone you admonished recently. Feel the fire of Guvurah but then go within to the place of Tif'Eret that the gentle warm balance between the two. Find a plausible reason for this persons misbehavior and then let that reason settle in your heart. Focus on the person in your mind and see yourself projecting this warmth as waves of compassion to subdue the egocentric hurt you felt. See the person experiencing your compassionate warmth. Allow a smile to arise on that person's face. Allow yourself an inner smile as well.

Now look into your spiritual heart. See the beauty of color- green like the fresh morning grass. The innocent beauty of the tender blades flowing into your being. Allow yourself to be nourished by the softness and the color."

Rachamin means compassion and is also associated with the Hebrew word for womb. Tif'Eret means beauty. Feel the union between these concepts and terms and allow the energy of Tif'Eret to move into the embrace of your heart. Compassion allows us to open our hearts to others who are different or who may have done us a wrong or perceived wrong. When a Holocaust survivor asked Gd if it was ok to love a stranger he replied " You make strangers, I don't". Thus the distance and separation we place between ourself and another is truly the response of fear based thinking and lack of true compassion.

So today allow for the lovely light of love and compassion to move through your heart and to anothers and allow this feeling to be your hearth and safe cocoon. Gestate in this womb of love and protection and know you are safe to share this beautiful energy with those around you.

Thank you Rabbi LAibl Wolf.